Traditional Staffing Solutions

We offer three traditional staffing options:

Temporary Staffing: 
Idea Recruiting is the employer of record and as such will pay the employee an hourly wage.  The hourly bill rate we quote includes all payroll taxes, workers’ compensation insurance, and the pay rate.

Payrolling: Minimal Markup
Payrolled employees are those candidates that our client has interviewed and selected but for whatever reason they have decided they will not be added to the client’s payroll immediately. 

Direct Placement
 Idea Recruitment will recruit, interview and screen each candidate.  Reference checks will be completed prior to placement.

RPO-Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The unique RPO programs offered by Idea Staffing have been utilized to successfully augment recruiting teams of local and national companies; hire personnel in several states at time; outsource the HR/ Recruiting department for a regional bank; save clients thousands of dollars in recruiting fees; and provide clients with cost savings of more than 40% on previously used traditional staffing solutions.

Professional Resume

Professional Resume Writing Services are available through Idea Recruitment for more information call us at 904-592-4332 or email

Human Resource Solutions

The Role of the Human Resources Function

The role of the human resources function is a critical strategic partner to any type or size business because employees are the heart of the success or failure of any business.

  • Attract and Retain the Best Staff Resources
  • Mitigate Risk Associated with Employment of Staff
  • Ensure Cost Effective Utilization of Human Resources