Bright Idea Newsletter – November 2011

Bright Idea Newsletter – November 2011

The 2011-2012 State of Florida Salary, Wage and Benefits Survey*

The 11th Annual State of Florida Salary, Wage and Benefits Survey gathered data from August 1st through August 31st. The following provides a few of the results.

Pay Increases:
The overall merit increase projected in Florida next year is 2.9%. 64.6% of Florida employers are planning a merit increase for next year. Not surprisingly, base pay increase will be non-existent for one in three Florida workers.

Average monthly turnover is 2.1% this year, the same as last year. Services and Not-for-Profits experienced the highest turnover at 2.7%; Banking, Finance & Insurance were close behind with 2.5% turnover.

Medical insurance premium rates increased 10% or less for 76.3% of employers. The remaining 23.7% have been hit with high premium increases of 11% or more.

Employee average annual out-of-pocket expenses for employee only coverage increased by $139 to $2,885, and family out-of-pocket expenses have increased to a total average of $6,002.

The employee’s portion of the medical premium has remained constant at 24% for employee only and 41% for family coverage.


I-9/Right to Work Question

Question: How often must I reconfirm the employment status of one of my employees whose I-9 form indicates he or she has limited rights to work in the U.S?

Answer: The responsibility to maintain the right to work in the United > States ultimately rests with the individual. Your employee is responsible > for making sure that he or she keeps his/her right to work in the U.S. current. Having said that, it is an employer’s responsibility to make sure that all employees have a current right to work in this country. A recommended way to accomplish this would be to create a “tickler” file of the dates of any right to work expiration dates and remind those employees in advance that it is their responsibility to maintain that status. Should an employee lose that status, you would be obligated to terminate employment or risk liability to the company.

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