How to Use a Staffing Company

How to Use a Staffing Company

Businesses with their own Human Resources staff often need additional help for a new project or a temporary increase in business. Using a staffing company can be a great way to find the additional help you need without taxing internal staff, who are busy with day-to-day activities. In fact, hiring a staffing company can help your HR staff speedily hire the temporary staffing you need, making sure they have the right skills, education and experience. Even small businesses that do not have an HR staff can use a staffing company for hiring either temporary or permanent workers.

Today, over 2 million employees are hired using a staffing company in the U.S. and they range from nurses and doctors to lawyers, engineers, truck drivers, call center reps, sales people and managers. In fact, virtually every position in every industry can be filled by a staffing company.

Temporary Workers

Hiring temporary staffing can be an easy way to plug a gap when business fluctuations mean employees are overloaded. These temporary workers can support your full-time employees until the peak is over, which can not only decrease absenteeism but improve the morale of your regular workforce.

Bringing in a temporary employee can help the business during maternity leave, vacation time, or other extended leave. Most staffing companies can provide employees with a variety of business skills and experience who can fill in either part-time or for a full-time schedule. Often, companies will bring in an “interim” employee to fill a leadership role such as CEO or CFO. This gives them time to do a complete search while placing someone in a caretaker role to manage daily activities of the business.

Temporary staffing is also a good way to “test drive” a new employee. It gives the manager an opportunity to see the individual in the company setting to make sure the skills and experience match the needs of the organization and fits with the corporate culture.

Because temporary staff are not employees of the business, the business does not incur the additional costs of benefits or overtime. Even if the hourly cost is more when using a staffing company, remember that the company is paying all of the taxes, insurance and other costs. Additionally, when the employee is no longer needed, the business avoids the cost of paying for unemployment.

Permanent Hires

Using a staffing company can provide you with additional access to qualified personnel when you are hiring for a permanent or contract position. A staffing company can provide a great deal of support, from helping you create the perfect job description, to interviewing and selecting the best candidate. Having access to a staffing Company can help your business build bench strength by finding potential new employees who fit your specific needs.

Choosing a Staffing Company

There are literally thousands of staffing companies to choose from, but selecting the right one is much like hiring a new employee – you are looking for the right fit.

Calling other similar businesses in your area is a good way to get referrals to staffing company. You can also search on the internet, where you will find not only local Companies, but also large international firms. Professional organizations also may be able to guide you to companies that specialize in your industry.

A few things to remember when hiring a staffing company:

  • Look at several companies and ask for references
  • Ask to visit their local branch office
  • Find out how long the company has been in business
  • Check references to see how satisfied the company is with the company’s recruits
  • Ask about fees, specifically what fees are charged and when
  • Ask about how they assess and screen potential candidates. Are drug tests and background checks included?
  • Find out if they do any employee training for software
  • Review their website to see if it is kept current and is user-friendly
  • Pay attention to the interaction when you contact them by phone or E-mail; this will give you an idea of how they train their own employees
  • Meet with someone from the company face-to-face so you can make sure they understand your company’s culture and needs
  • If this is a big project, request the company provide a presentation to walk you through their proposal
  • Ask how long it typically takes to recruit candidates for similar positions and how the company goes about finding them
  • Choose a company that will be responsive to your needs and available when you need them
  • Look for other companies they provide that may help your company, such as HR Outsourcing, help with writing job descriptions, etc.
  • Ask who will be handling your account on a daily basis

Remember, a reputable staffing company can be a valuable partner for your business for years to come. Selecting a highly professional firm that provides your company with high quality temporary staffing or permanent hires can be a critical management tool that will save you time and money.

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