May 2012

May 2012

Preparing Disciplinary Documentation

All disciplinary documentation should include key items of information and outline actions taken by management to assist the employee in successfully attaining the desired performance levels. It is recommended that Human Resources assist in the review or development of such documentation.

Documentation Content – In order to ensure that disciplinary documentation is complete, the following information should be included.

Summary of events – This would include a history of performance, rule, or behavior deficiencies and the dates of any past meetings, discussions, or counseling activities. It should include the specific event(s) leading to the disciplinary action. You may want to attach copies or examples of reports, complaints or other documents that illustrate the performance issue.

Summary of Expectations – This section should include the conditions or performance expectations necessary to improve performance. You need to ensure that the expected levels of performance identified are reasonable and consistent with satisfactory performance levels expected of other employees. Expectations should not exceed the norm or average for the position.

Management Assistance –
The documentation should include a statement summarizing management support. This should identify what actions management will take to assist the employee in attaining acceptable performance levels.

Consequences –
The documentation should clearly identify what consequences will occur if performance does not reach desired levels.

Signatures –
You should sign the document and ask the employee to sign it to acknowledge that the information was discussed. Any witness who is present should also sign the document. It is a good idea to include the following statement in formal disciplinary documentation:

“Failure to meet and maintain these levels of performance may result in further disciplinary action, including termination. Further disciplinary action may occur at any time if sufficient improvement is not achieved or other performance issues develop.”

Employee Refuses to Sign Document – If the employee refuses to sign the documentation at any time during the disciplinary process, you should note this on the documentation. In the case of probation or termination, you should have a witness and that individual should also sign the form indicating that the employee refused to sign the document.

Employee Requests a Copy – You may give the employee a copy of the disciplinary documentation during the discussion. You should note on the original that a copy was provided to the employee. Any supporting documents, such as records or work papers, which are attached to the disciplinary summary are the property of your Company. They should not be released to the employee.

First Coast Health Screening – Clay Chamber

The Clay Chamber is offering First Coast Community Health Screening:

  • Standard blood panel under this program costs $50
  • Add a PSA for Men and the panel costs $70.

To do these tests on your own outside of this program will cost you a least $350

Individuals can sign up for a screening either:
  1. Online at and select the lab closest to you for the screening.
  2. Come to the Chamber offices located at 1734 Kingsley Ave. Orange Park, FL 32003 and set the appointment with the lab of your choosing.
If you are a company or organization with 35 or more employees and want to have an “on-site” blood screening. The Chamber will have our partner Consolidated Labs send a phlebotomist to your company or organization for “on-site’ screening. There are 3 ways to pay for this service:
  • The company pays the full amount per screening
  • The company shares the cost with the employee
  • The employee pays the full amount and has easy access to the screening at work

The results of each test are mailed to the patient who is then encouraged to visit their doctor to discuss them. In several cases, a potentially life threatening situation was detected and treated through this program.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Clay CountyChamber at 904-264-2651.

Federal Employment Law Posters

*You must display a new poster reflecting the new changes. Here is a link to the poster***

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