The Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing has, like all other functions in outsourcing, gained increasing popularity in the business world. It is now a hot favorite among the Human Resource personnel of most companies. In a recruitment process outsourcing arrangement, you basically hand over your recruitment functions to an external agency to handle it entirely, rather than having your own human resource team to be burdened by the technicalities of recruitment.

Let us see exactly why this process has become so popular in no time.

The following are the advantages of recruitment process outsourcing.

Focused recruitment services

It is obvious that when you hand over a particular function to an external agency, it will offer you a specialized and focused service. It performs the functions of recruitment at much lower costs and much more efficiently. These outsourced companies have recruitment specialists who work with them as staff and have the entire know-how of the recruitment process. They are better equipped to perform the recruitment process than any department of HR and can do so at lesser costs. For example, If you are looking to fill a particular position in your company, you may have to spend on advertising in a newspaper or any other medium before you even begin the search. Once the search is begun, you cannot even be sure that the candidates who sent their resumes in response to the advertisement will turn out to be your ideal candidates. If the results are not satisfactory, you end up paying for the whole thing over again, and the process is delayed even longer. With an RPO, it is a simple task because they have access to a larger pool of resumes and can screen them much faster.

Fixing clear targets

When you are in a business relationship with an outside firm, you can clearly define your requirements to them. They, in turn, will do everythingn possible to meet your requirements, as you are their client and they depend upon referrals from clients to grow the firm. When you try to do your own recruiting, you may not be able to work upon your goals with the same kind of focus due to other priorities.

Speed and time

Have you heard of the phrase, having your cake and eating it too? Yes, you can have your cake, and not only that, you can actually order your cake exactly as you like it,and then have it and eat it too! The RPO already has a database of potential candidates and all you have to do is give them your needs and goals. The RPO will work to match their candidates with your requirements, saving you time and resources.

Cost effectiveness

Time is money, and if time is saved, so is money. If you ask your own employees to be involved with recruiting, they may have to take a break from their own work and concentrate on recruiting. This will likely to bring down the productivity of your employees and splinter their focus. Once you engage an RPO, however, your recruiting is underway and with a singular focus on results.


Who better than professionals to carry out any function? Recruitment is best taken care of if you hand it over to the professionals who know how to locate and screen job candidates.  It will result in a better quality candidate, saving you the time and hassle of interviewing candidates who do not meet your needs. A recruitment process outsourcing firm can be your key to hiring more qualified candidates more quickly.

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