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The Role of the Human Resources Function

The role of the human resources function is a critical strategic partner to any type or size business because employees are the heart of the success or failure of any business.  Employers, regardless of size, are subject to a myriad of employment laws and experience a variety of employee relations difficulties. While a dedicated internal resource may or may not be necessary, advice and counsel on human resources issues can help the small employer:

Attract and Retain the Best Staff Resources

  • Identifying methods and sources to recruit and screen, and verify qualifications and organizational fit of potential candidates for employment.
  • Formulating a competitive yet affordable total compensation and benefits package.
  • Determining training needs and assisting line managers with proper training of new staff and continuous education & development of current staff.
  • Developing basic tools, processes and infrastructure to provide supervisors with the ability to legally and efficiently motivate their staff to achieve company objectives.

Mitigate Risk Associated with Employment of Staff


  • Ensuring proper communication, training, and compliance with various federal, state and municipal employment laws to minimize costs of fines, penalties, fees, and litigation.
  • Delineating basic policies and procedures to ensure that all employees are well informed of company rules and are treated consistently in the application of those rules, minimizing charges of discriminatory and/or inappropriate employment practices.
  • Providing advice and counsel to line managers on planned employment actions to ensure compliance and minimize exposure to litigation.
  • Ensuring accurately, timely, and legally required wage payments and proper government reporting via an efficient payroll system.
  • Monitoring and identifying opportunities to resolve health and/or safety concerns in the workplace, minimizing risk of job-related illness or injury.

Ensure Cost Effective Utilization of Human Resources

  • Conducting process review and evaluating industry best practices to ensure most efficient deployment of staff resources.
  • Recommending process & methods for defining expectations and obtaining the highest delivery of performance towards accomplishing company objectives.
  • Assessing staff skill gaps and identifying methods of developing talent in the organization

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